Next2New Certification

Paragon stands apart from other organizations that resell remanufactured or used computer equipment. All Paragon Next2New products are 100% Paragon Next2New re-certified by our Paragon Test Lab. Through over 25 years of experience serving the technical needs of our global customer base, Paragon has developed rigorous testing and re-certification procedures to ensure our products are trouble-free and of the highest quality. Paragon performs an eight-step diagnostic procedure to ensure the products you purchase from us are re-certified as Next2New products. When you buy from Paragon, you are selecting high-quality computer equipment that you can rely on to work the first time out of the box.

Paragon's Technology Certification Laboratory (TCL)
Quality and certification have been imperatives at Paragon from the outset. Paragon's "TCL" dates back to the founding of the company in the mid 1980's. Our "TCL" Manager was one of Paragon's first four employees. Our Technology Services team has over 30 combined years of experience ensuring Paragon's products are of the highest quality available in the secondary market. Today, our TCL facility is responsible for developing and implementing testing and diagnostic procedures based on manufacturing specifications for multi-vendor platforms. The Paragon Test Lab, one of Paragon's core competitive advantages, performs and implements our eight-step Next2New re-certification program to ensure problem-free installation and use once the equipment arrives at your facility.

Paragon's "Next2New" Certification Program
Paragon's Next2New re-certification process transforms pre-owned computer equipment into Paragon Next2New certified equipment. We deal with the hassles and remove the headaches inherent in buying used computer equipment that has been configured for use in another operating environment. When you buy Paragon Next2New equipment you receive computer products that are at baseline factory state and up to the latest possible revision levels. The process includes an exhaustive series of diagnostic and computer tests to complete the Paragon Next2New Certification Program and ensure that our equipment meets the original manufacturer specifications. Any equipment that does not meet these requirements will not pass certification.

Step 1 - Product Verification
Paragon's Test Lab verifies that the equipment and manufacturer model numbers match the specific product worksheet when it arrives at our Test Lab facility. A physical inspection of the equipment is done to verify the condition of each module and chassis. Only equipment that qualifies as Next2New is processed for further re-certification.

Step 2- Initial Diagnostic Testing
Paragon Test Lab personnel follow an extensive diagnostic testing process to verify that manufacturer specifications are met. The process has specific checkpoints, which include checking self-boot, memory, flash, and power.

Step 3 - Standards Verification
Paragon Test Lab verifies product performance and compatibility by connecting computer products to our test station and sending intensive data streams through every module. During this phase, Paragon Test Lab personnel upgrades memory/flash, power supplies, performs engineering upgrades when necessary, and makes any minor repairs required to certify the product as Next2New.

Step 4 - Retest the Diagnostic
When required engineering upgrades are made to the computer equipment, the product is retested at the diagnostic level to ensure manufacturer specifications have been maintained.

Step 5 - Computer/Port Testing
Paragon's Next2New Certification Program includes Port Testing simulating real life conditions to certify that each port of access to the computer is working per manufacturer specifications.

Step 6 - Setting Factory Defaults
One of the key issues with buying used computer equipment is dealing with configurations set by the prior user. Paragon's Next2New Certification Program eliminates this headache by confirming that Paragon equipment has all manufacturers' default settings in place and no previous user passwords.

Step 7 - Reconditioning
Every single piece of Paragon Next2New equipment is thoroughly detailed so that it looks like new equipment.

Step 8 - Quality Control Inspection
After undergoing this rigorous testing and certification process, Paragon Quality Control personnel review test sheets for conformance to the certification process and inspect equipment to ensure it is worthy of the Paragon Next2New Certification label.

Count on Paragon Certified Next2New Products
Paragon's objective is to save you time and money. We provide our Next2New computer equipment at discounts of up to 85% off of list pricing. Our products are different than the used and pre-owned products that have flooded the market during the technology downturn. Paragon Certified Next2New products are quality products you can count on to save you time, money, and headaches!

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